Sales force motivational program for B2B segment

Our company invites you to join our sales force and loyalty motivational program. Salespersons, sales reps and supervisors will be motivated to sell your goods, and managers of all levels will get detailed sales reports by regions, cities and stores.

Program participation benefits

By joining the program, you will leap ahead of your competitors for:

How motivational program works

How motivational program works This is especially true in technically complex areas where the consultant is an authority for the client.

All things being equal, a motivated seller will find a way to offer your item, even if it is somewhat more expensive than competitor's is.

Salespersons and managers participating in the program will offer your products to the customer. For each sale, they are awarded personal bonus points, which can be spent on goods, coupons or transferred to a bankcard.

Program interaction flows


Motivation process in the program is the following:

  1. At POS a salesperson sales goods to customer;
  2. Information about sales goes to manufacturer;
  3. Manufacturer uploads sales data to information system;
  4. Information system performs settlements, calculates rewards and sends rewards to salesperson's and supervisor's accounts;;
  5. Salespersons, supervisors and managers get access to personal cabinet of information system.

Who can participate in the program

Anyone at your company associated with sales and responsible for the results can join the motivational program. For example:

As well as other users, for example CEO or CFO.

Information system functional capabilities


Program joining

To involve users in the program it is required to enter their personal data in the information system. There are several ways to do it:

Every user gets login and password to be identified in the personal cabinet within information system.

Information system access options

Users of information system can access personal cabinet through web-browser of personal computer, as well as through mobile browser of tablet or smartphone.

It is also possible to provide access through branded mobile application or integrate motivational program with your mobile application.

Sales and rewards accounting

Bonus points are stored on personal account of each participant. Sales data required for rewards calculations. These records can be uploaded to the information system as:

After data processing and settlements bonus quantities credited to participant's personal accounts.

The system implements flexible reward schemes, from simple points per single item sold, to complex tables with minimum and maximum thresholds.

Example of complex settings:

Sales representative rewarded 100 points for single item in case the quantity sold exceeded 10 items, but after selling of more than 20 items the number of points is not increased.

Additional salesperson's motivation

Managers and supervisors can imply additional motivation to salespersons. For this purpose, there is a mechanism for manual point's credit. This action is available only to users with special rights.

Prizes order

Users of the information system with the corresponding rights can exchange collected points to prizes.

For this purpose there is prize fund maintained in the system with the search of prizes and conditional filters.

The prizes can be gift cards, pre-paid card of famous shopping networks, clothes with logotypes, tools, etc. There is also integration with payment gateway for reward to bankcard transfer.

Personnel training

Personnel training is important part of business. In the section of personal cabinet for each stuff member the following educational materials can be set available:

The pass of education is logged in the system. As a result, it is possible to activate prizes order access or add extra bonus points.

PROMO and POSM control

The correct laying out of POS materials is an important element of successful sales. Our system allows you to monitoring salespersons in the stores.

In the personal cabinet personnel uploads photo of shelves, goods lay out, stickers, leaflets stands and other marketing materials.

Moderators check photos, after approval salespersons are awarded additional points.

Information system reports

Information system can generate a large number of reports, for example:

All data in the reports can be grouped by users, distributors, cities, store types, etc.

We can also develop complex multi-level reports on request.

Data export

Information system users can download reports in the agreed formats - the options are the following:

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